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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Total Asset Protection

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What is Total Asset Protection? Total Asset Protection (TAP) is the inventory app that lets you use your smartphone or tablet to record what you own and document the condition of your home for better insurance protection. Everything You Own. All In One Place. TAP Streamlines the Claims Process for Everyone- For insurance carriers, TAP provides a unique solution for outsourcing loss control. The app is specially designed and marketed toward policyholders who want to be empowered for any future claim. It encourages policyholders to understand their policy provisions, limits, and deductibles, as well as potential gaps, to better maximize their claim payout. And by using TAP, the policyholders ultimately help carriers: Reduce cycle time from open to close Compare pre-loss conditions to post-loss Prevent fraudulent claims or reporting Verify assets against saved photos/notes Establish accurate personal property values TAP is not meant to replace automated risk analysis for carriers. Rather, it is intended to augment the process by providing a quick reference method for the underwriting team. TAP allows for customized reports based on carrier needs, and even lets you access information in your preferred format. For Policyholders, TAP provides simple step-by-step prompts to guide homeowners as they collect all of the following details: Front, Right, Back, and Left Elevation Photos Exterior Overview Photos of Additional Structures Interior Overview Photos (from each corner of each room) Personal Property (added in lots or individually) Document Your Belongings. Rebuild Your Future!

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