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Feb 7 & 8 / 2022

Miami, FL

Networking Zone: Sponsored by RemainSafe


Typically, flood season in the United States takes place between the Spring and Fall, but flooding can occur at anytime of the year, making efficient communication and involvement with the local community essential to preparing those around you when flooding occurs.

Flooding can devastate communities by causing thousands and even millions of dollars worth in property damage and disrupt the necessary infrastructure to maintain a thriving community.

The Flood Expo is designed to provide Local Associations, Project Managers, Private Contractors, and Government Service Officials to have a dedicated place to network and connect for the benefit of communities as well as provide lucrative opportunities for expansion and success in the industry.

You can be sure to leave with a wealth of invaluable business and government contacts from across the globe that will without a doubt contribute towards your future success in all things flood-related when you can sit down with representatives, officials, and decision makers from organizations akin to The Florida Floodplain Managers Association (FFMA), The Bague Group, and The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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RemainSafe’s mission is simple, “We Save Lives”! We believe by focusing on Safety, Security, and Sustainability that we can bring confidence to a scared, anxious, and generally messed-up world. Our SteelSafe Shelter line of storm shelters, safe rooms, tornado shelters, panic rooms, and underground bunkers has been saving lives for over a decade! We’ve spent years engineering, designing, and innovating our line of FEMA Compliant, 3rd party tested, shelters. There is simply no better way to turn fear into confidence than a SteelSafe Shelter!

What does your family need in the event of a storm, tornado, hurricane, or intruder? The pathway to PROTECTION and CONFIDENCE is simple. First, simply decide how many people, family members, and pets you may need to protect. FEMA provides guidance on shelter sizing by stating that each person needs 3 sq.ft in a tornado shelter or 5 sq.ft in a hurricane shelter. As an example, our standard 4x6 Above Ground Safe room would measure out at 24 sq.ft and safely protect up to 8 family members in a tornado shelter. The second critical decision is where the unit will be installed. There are above ground units that can be installed inside the garage or custom safe rooms that can be installed inside the house to double as a pantry, master closet, or any room desired. If you prefer a below ground shelter, we have those too. We have underground units that can be installed external to the home or internally.

Remember our mission: Save Lives!