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Apr 21 & 22 / 2021

Miami, FL

SBPUSA: Disaster Assistance Resources and Guides

The SBPUSA, with its ongoing mission to increase resilience of individuals and businesses before disasters occur, offers a myriad of disaster assistance training and tools. These resource guides help users explore the various steps and preventative measures that streamline the post-disaster recovery process, enabling people to fortify against unnecessary stress and trauma.

As the frequency and severity of natural disasters grows, access to assistance and preventative resources becomes vital for those affected by flooding, fires, hurricanes, and other disaster-related events.

Below are some disaster assistance resources provided by the SBPUSA to help you or your business understand the steps, goals and requirements necessary to help prepare and recover from the negative impacts of disasters.

Disaster Preparedness for Small - Midsize Businesses

Homeowner Preparedness

Navigating Disaster Assistance

Protect Yourself From Contractor Fraud

Mold Remediation How-To

e-Learning Modules (preparedness and flood insurance information)

For more information on the SBPUSA, visit their website here.

Founded in March 2006, the SBP is a volunteer organization headquartered in New Orleans that dedicates itself in disaster resilience and recovery, with a mission to shrink the time between disaster and recovery.