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Apr 21 & 22 / 2021

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Peace River K9 SAR - Bahamas Mission of 2019

Peace River K9 SAR - Bahamas Mission of 2019 

Hurricane Dorian had left a wake of devastation throughout the Caribbean in early September 2019. One of the hardest hit areas, the Bahamas, had suffered from 250-300 kph winds with a storm surge that tore through multiple communities and the surrounding wildlife.

After the impact of Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Bahamas, PRSAR had been contacted by Global Response Management for a mission to the local areas most affected by the hurricane. A group of 14 PRSAR volunteers came to an area near Freeport on Grand Bahama Island with the help of the Bahama Relief Cruise-ship missions on September 29, 2019. 

The team, consisting of x-cops, x-firemen, x-emts, and x-army, went on a four day search mission for those who went missing during and after the storm. At McCleans Town Cay they began the employment of their search dogs to discover the missing civilians and were also, tasked to inspect reports of horrible odors coming from rubble piles to discover their sources.

The PRSAR team had taken the passage along the Grande Bahama Highway to find downed power poles, bent trees, and crumbled buildings. With the storm surge damage added to the devastating winds of Hurricane Dorian, entire sections of land were stripped of its trees and structures. Even fires had gone through the area, and the nearby trees were mostly burned or dying from salt water intrusion of the storm.

Other damaged areas included an oil storage facility that was seen still oozing oil and the road itself which was either partly washed away or crumbling from the damaged bedrock.

The PRSAR was the first on the scene, even before FEMA, as there had not been any previous FEMA X markings on the buildings or rubble. Use of GPS, a drone, and recognition software were also employed to search for any who had lost their lives to Hurricane Dorian. 

See below a moving video of their mission as the local community aimed to rebuild and rebound from the damage caused by Hurricane Dorian:

Peace River K9 SAR continues to engage in search-and-rescue missions for those impacted by the effects of natural disasters. For more information on the PRSAR, visit their website here.