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Industry Leaders On The Move

Updated: September 17th, 2020

We at the Natural Disaster Expo support all efforts to combat the negative impacts caused by natural disasters around the world. Here are some updates to current leading organizations and their involvement in disaster prevention, mitigation, management, and recovery.

FEMA Responds to Oregon Wildfires

State of Oregon and FEMA have been working together to deliver a coordinated wildfire response, including departments like the OEM and other federal partners. FEMA and OEM are continuing to respond in saving lives amidst the devastating wildfires, and both departments supporting evacuees and affected communities.

The Federal Emergency Declaration was made on Thursday September 11, 2020 in response to the wildfires beginning on September 8th and continuing. 

National Guard’s 159th Fighter Wing provides Hurricane Laura support

In the wake of Hurricane Laura, the Louisiana Air National Guard has been providing critical supplies to residents affected by its devastation. 

Airmen from the 159th Fighter Wing have established multiple points of distribution to provide food and water as well as other basic necessities to local communities. This critical support comes with some caution as the airmen are working with the necessary guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing and wearing masks are just some of the precautions taken by these members of the Air National Guard.

Their relief efforts continue as other communities around the affected areas recover from the impact made by this Category 4 hurricane.

Relief International Combats COVID-19 in Yemen

As the global community response to COVID-19 is ongoing, the country of Yemen continues to suffer what has been labelled the world’s worst humanitarian crisis before the pandemic. Conflict, water and food shortages, and the spread of COVID-19 has led to the country’s health system being unable to handle the strain of resources. 

Relief International is engaging in nonstop efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus with provisions of essential protective gear, emergency healthcare services that are desperately needed for the nation, and accurate information regarding symptoms and prevention measures for COVID-19.

The Natural Disaster Expo will continue to monitor prevention and relief efforts in natural disasters around the world. We support all humanitarian efforts that aim to provide relief to affected communities, improve quality of life, and save lives and are happy to keep our audience informed on how industry leaders continually help those in need.

For more information on current industry happenings, be sure to follow The Lookout Post e-magazine, covering the latest in natural disaster events.