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Mar 6 & 7 | 2024

Miami, FL

Turnkey Instruments Ltd

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Founded in 1990 Turnkey has experienced changes and significant growth over the years . Our commitment to developing reliable and accurate testing equipment has never waivered and has been key to establishing our reputation in the field and securing a global client base.

All of our instruments and testing equipment is designed, developed and manufactured in-house. We don’t sell third party products. Because we designed and developed all of our testing equipment, we really do understand every aspect of how the equipment works. We know how to get the most out of it and can offer the highest levels of customer support. We have a team of expert, dedicated technical support staff. They are always on hand to help, and ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Turnkey instruments and software. Providing excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do.

We now employ more than 30 staff at our base in the UK and have representatives all around the globe distributing our testing equipment. Although we’ve grown and have a global presence, our culture and ethos has remained the same.

Our focus at Turnkey is on developing accurate and user-friendly scientific and industrial instruments. We invest in research and product development and our in-house product designers and engineers are consistently at the forefront of developments.

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