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Apr 21 & 22 / 2021

Miami, FL

Exhibitor Shoutout: Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent®, an industry leader providing temporary liquid-handling solutions, is known for its systems engineering expertise and ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively. From pumps and tanks to filtration and spill containment, Rain for Rent stands ready to help businesses plan for and respond to natural disaster emergencies and scheduled events, 24/7/365. 

Founded in 1934, Rain for Rent has matured from a one-office, three-man oilfield supplies business to an international company with specialist employees providing world-leading liquid-handling solutions for flood relief, construction dewatering, sewer bypasses, industrial plant turnarounds, and more. Through the years, they’ve remained steadfast in their dedication to safety - nothing takes precedence over the health and safety of their employees, customers and the communities in which they work.

Rain for Rent’s personnel are known for their emergency response capabilities and have helped with restoration efforts after many natural disasters including Hurricanes Katrina (2005), Sandy (2012), Matthew (2016), Harvey and Maria (2017), and Florence (2018), and multiple flood events including North Dakota’s Red River Flood in 2009 and the 2011 flooding of Omaha, NB, to name a few. Rain for Rent knows that when things get bad, quick responses are needed, and to aid in this, they have 70 global locations strategically positioned for quick equipment deployment for emergency pumping needs. 

Additionally, Rain for Rent helps people prepare for Hurricane season or other potential disasters by working with companies to create Equipment Contingency Plans. In these plans, potential liquid-handling needs are assessed, and a custom design is drafted to help minimize interruptions which can help reduce downtime. Rain for Rent can also prepare an Emergency Response Agreement which secures their services will be on stand-by as a customer’s first call for emergency response and in some cases, for even faster deployment, stand-by rates can be utilized to keep their equipment on customer sites that may be impacted by a disaster.

For more information, please stop by Rain for Rent’s 2020 booth #246, and visit